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VI design

Ø &Nbsp; brand research
&Nbsp;    brand research is the Foundation of brand building, we will fully research the market environment, industry characteristics, target customers and competitors, as well as enterprise
, help enterprises develop brand strategy decision to provide detailed and accurate information-oriented.   Brand strategy position
strategic positioning is indispensable brand grew to become a strong brand guidelines, we believe that every successful brand must have a clear
, In order to collide with the target the psychological needs of consumers.

Ø   brand logo design
&Nbsp;    Totem of the brand logo is a corporate philosophy embodies, is the product of an abstract symbol, is the core of Visual elements. It runs through the customer care business
vision Center, brand Visual communication plays a very important role. Blue has a wealth of experience in brand design, successfully for a number of
corporate brand services.

Ø   brand visual identity system design
&Nbsp;    Visual identity system, the basic elements of corporate identity, a strong policy and management system to effectively engage, forming Enterprise inherent visual image, Through the Visual symbol of the unification of design to convey the spirit and philosophy, to effectively promote the visibility and image of the company and its products, corporate brand identity system the most spread and appeal.
It includes basic systems: company name, company logo, standard, standard oral, symbolic designs, publicity, marketing reports, and so on. Applications include: office supplies, equipment, construction environment, product packaging, advertising, media, transport, clothing, uniforms, flags  , signs, signage, shop, exhibition, etc.

Ø   product packaging design
&Nbsp;    product packaging plays not only protect products, bearing the basic functions of commodities, and beautiful, in line with the aesthetic vision, contains product-related culture, in order to attract consumer attention, Get psychological identity, and gain better economic benefits. Blue is like planning knows contained in packaging visual culture, sincere dedication to customers to stimulate consumption decisions motivated design masterpiece.

Ø &Nbsp; image advertisement design
&Nbsp;    in blue like the brand world, positioning accuracy, design and image advertising is to promote the brand image of the tip of the weapon. Our customer's actual mining enterprise's unique, goal setting precision " positioning " strategy, refined subject matter and opinion, exquisitely designed and in place of the image, given to all audiences accurately extraordinary image quality and excellence of the Organization, improve brand visibility and reputation of the business or organization.

Ø   corporate design
&Nbsp;    design is to show to the audience to make the display more beautiful designs, blue images stick in the design before you fully understand the show concept and characteristics to determine expression of the theme, To rendering, interpretation of the theme to display devices. Our corporate design relates to Fairgrounds, museums, art galleries, shopping malls, stores, temporary celebration venues in places such as exhibition design.

Ø   retail environment design
     Terminal is the last link of the commodity value of a product, brand, product reliability, customer groups, locked impression, price, and many other factors that directly affect consumers purchase decision. When we design the terminal environment adhere to the perfect, do not give up every detail.

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