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Copyright registration

Copyright and became copyright, according to voluntary principles, on following works for copyright registration: 1, and text works;
2, and oral works;
3, and music, and plays, and folk, and dance, and acrobatics art works;
4, and art, and building works; photography works;
5, and movie works and to similar filmed movie of method creation of works;
6, and design figure, and products design figure, and map, and schematic, graphics works and model works; 7, and legal, and Administrative regulations of other works.
8, a computer software
copyright registration materials
applications for registration shall be submitted by the works include: identity works and provide proof of ownership (such as: cover and copyright page of copy, parts of the manuscript and photograph, samples, etc).
other copyright owners also should produce a clear proof of the identity of the copyright owner (as successor Ying produce successor identification; commissioned works of the principal shall present the Commission contract). BACK

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