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Software copyright registration

first, the column details descriptions and supporting documents and identifying material to be submitted:
(a) the software name:
1 ... full name: full name of the software application for copyright registration. Software in a variety of file name should be filled in.
2. Short title (no abbreviations do not fill this column).
3. Category number: in accordance with the national standard of GB/T13702 and GB/4754 code determine the classification number.
4. Version: version number of the software application for copyright registration.

(b) the completed date column:
software developers the software date fixed in some tangible object.

(c) publish date field for the first time:
means the copyright date of the software available to the public for the first time. Published refers to giving, selling, publishing, and presentations to the public, such as software. Unpublished software do not fill in this column.


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