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Patent registration application

the material must be submitted in an application for a patent for invention

1, name of the patent;

2, technical field of the invention patent belongs and background technologies;

3, the complete object of the present invention;

4 technical programme, to achieve the aim of the invention: innovation requirements described in detail the structure and composition of the product;

5, drawings (product invention must have photos): clear structure, separating the component connection, exploded views, sections and so on; don't have to.

6, embodiment (completing the specific embodiments of the present invention steps);

7, the invention can achieve the best results;

of 8, the applicant needs to seal; the personal signature of the applicant is an individual;

9, the units need a photocopy of the applicants; applicants must provide proof of age documents for individuals;

10, clear the applicant name, full address, telephone number, postal code, name of the designer and other materials.

11, invention patent applications involving amino acid or nucleotide sequence, instructions should be included in the ordered list, ordered list as a separate part of the description of the submission, and with manual write the page number in a row, should also be submitted to meet the requirements of the State intellectual property office records the sequence table a CD or floppy disk.


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