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Trademark registration

Before applying a query: the trademark is generally required prior to the application to the Trademark Office for query and retrieval. So as to avoid reporting trademark and registration (application) dismissal of trademarks identical with or similar to the preceding, (trade name query is based on the principle of voluntary. Creative, design trademark, shall comply with the trademark law prohibiting use of trademarks, registered terms of, with others in the same class, and try to avoid the trademark).
· Design logo: as requested by the trademarks should have significant features, ease of identification, design, pattern-making trademark, designed may be entrusted.
· Complete book (applicant's name, address, contact, business license or capacity of natural persons, telephone and so on should be filled according to the commodity/service items should be disclosed in accordance with the Trademark Office of the similar goods and services discrimination completed), submitting materials, paying the fee, reported to the Trademark Office.

· materials to be submitted

• stamped with the official seal of the applicant or the natural person signature (seal) of two copies of the application for trademark registration, trademark attorney II (submitted by firm printing the Trademark Office).
· Copy of the applicant's business license (registration certificate) or photocopies of two natural persons.
· Seven in the trademark pattern, specify the color needed for coloring drawing six, black and white drawing of a (5x5cm~10x10cm).
· Apply for a trademark of portrait, the portrait should be accompanied by a notarized consent of this portrait as a trademark registration may be affirming that file.

registration procedure and time

at present, after you submit a trademark and Trademark Office, in about 1 month will receive the acceptance notice issued by the Trademark Office, through a formal examination and the examination as to substance, upon preliminary examination and notice, and then after 3-month objection period, normal was registered about 1.5 years of time.

· matters needing attention

• on the applicant for registration of the trademark by the trademark office in the process of reviewing, reply and rectification of legal instruments may be issued at any time deadline. For ease of communication and timely reply to the official communications, notify the applicant to collect the registration acceptance notice and the certificate of trademark registration, such as the applicant's contact details, phone number and address changes, please notify the Office immediately.

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