Apple lost Brazil iPhone trademark

Local time on 13th, Brazil national industrial property Office formally declared Apple registered IPhone trademark in that country, which reminded us of last year's Apple IPad trademark battle with a company in Shenzhen, China. Apple this time with Brazil's trademark battle is because of what? This lawsuit will give Apple what are the consequences?
in 2007, Apple launched their IPhone mobile phone, then to Brazil submitted the application for trademark registration. But back in 2000, Brazil IGB local famous electronic manufacturer prepares to launch a Smartphone, the full name is the Internet Phone, because the name is too long, the company then IPhone registered trademarks, and officially in January 2008 to receive this mark. Until December 2012, this Brazil electronics company was officially introduced to the market a new smartphone named with the IPhone. According to Brazil related laws and regulations, as long as the company after getting a trademark within five years to produce a product named in the IPHONE will be in the year 2018 former independent use of the trade mark.
on the 5th of this month, Brazil is also ignored protests from Apple, the IPhone trademark awarded to the Brazil company. Because, in Brazil, registration of a trade mark application following the "first-come, first-served" principle and Brazil IGB Corporation also launched related products within the specified period. However, because of the company's product launch time deadline only a few weeks, Apple thinks Brazil IGB electronics companies did not comply with the requirements within five years using the trademark, and Brazil National Institute of industrial property objects. But in the end in the 13th, Brazil is the official statement of the National Institute of industrial property or maintains the previous decision.
at present, Brazil the company has released a video on the Internet, content is telling customers that they are different from the IPhone and iPhone. In the video, simply and clearly stated the two companies on the IPHONE applications for registration of trademarks, and also compare the differences of the two products. This Brazil at the end of last year, the company launched the product full name called GRADIENTE IPHONE, its system is using Android, apps than Apple was very simple, but it is a dual SIM card dual standby phone, the price is about $ 300, and a Apple IPhone mobile phone in Brazil's sale price is $ 1200.
at present, Brazil launched the IPhone only through their official website online or purchased within the stores in a shopping center in Sao Paulo. And despite Apple company no announced they in Brazil of sales situation, but in last year of December 14, dang IPhone 5 in Brazil began sales Shi, the big city of Apple points pin business, and mobile operators in night 12 o'clock on row up has long team, and not to three days of time, Sao Paulo, and Rio, big city on has appeared break goods of situation, thus, Apple phone in Brazil of sales is very considerable of.
for the trademark battle, everyone can see it is Brazil at protecting their company's intellectual property rights. That is some Brazil market recognition. IGB Corporation's Chief Executive, in a statement, solemnly announced that the company will at all costs, together with the National Institute of industrial property protection Brazil native industrial intellectual property rights. On the same day, the industrial property Office also rejected Apple's four trademark applications in telecommunications.
Apple in China last year in a similar case, and end up paying $ 60 million in mainland China won the iPad trademark. Brazil's economists believe that although Brazil market is not as big as China, but this time, Apple also won't spend millions of dollars to buy Brazil's trademark.

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